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Gilbert and Sullivan

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There are ten pages of Gilbert & Sullivan books.
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Sir Arthur Sullivan: Composer & Personage
Books 1

W.S.Gilbert: Stage Director
Books 2

The Savoy Sories
Books 3

Bab Ballads
Books 4

Gilbert Without Sullivan
Books 5

Yeomen of the Guard detail
Books 6

D'Oyly Carte Opera Company
Books 7

Gilbert and Sullivan Interviews and Recollections
Books 8

A Topsy-Turvey Adventure
Books 9

The D'Oyly Carte Album
Books 10

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The Complete Annotated Gilbert and Sullivan


Gilbert and Sullivan Lost Chords and Discords


W.S. Gilbert




A New Light Thrown Across the Keep It Quite 
			Darkest Africa


Records and Reminiscences: Personal and General


W.S. Gilbert: Stage Director


Gilbert of Gilbert and Sullivan


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