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Sports and Games

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Sports and Games Books

There are nine pages of Sports and Games books.
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Sports and Games : A Magazine ...
General &
Smoking Concerts

A Bibliography of Archery
& Athletics

How to Play and win at Snooker
Billiards &
Related Games

Boxing - All England Series
Boxing and Wrestling
& Cards and Card Games

Croquet at the Convalescent Home
& Croquet

Cycling: 1839-1939
Cycling, Dancing
& Fishing and Angling

Gentleman and His Hounds

Annals of Mont Blanc
Mountaineering, Polo
& Swimming

The Frog Game

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Recent Ascent of Mont Blanc


Tents in the Clouds


Peaks and Pleasant Pastures and Everest the Unfinished Adventure

Sold and M-394

Snows of Yesteryear


Ruttledge Schuster

Mont Blanc: A Treatise on its Geodesical and Geological Constitution


History of the Montreal Polo Club


Forbes Miller

As to Polo & Modern Polo

M-399 and M-401

Sachs Sinclair and Henry

Polo Ponies: Their Training and Schooling


The Complete Swimmer and Swimming

M-405 and M-406

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