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Frederick Leighton

Frederick Leighton

This page contains entries for individuals whose names fall between L and O. Unless otherwise noted, condition varies from near-fine to fine and many are matted and shrink-wrapped; please ask for details.

Most prints have been scanned: just click on their names to see the images; or browse through them all by connecting to our print gallery.

A detailed explanation of the "Notes and Condition" field can be found on the Condition of Prints page.

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Notes & Condition


Henry du Pré Labouchere

"Modest Assurance"

November 7, 1874

Journalism; Politician

Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


Charles Bennet Lawes

"Athlete and Sculptor"

May 12, 1883


Near fine. Loose; Copy bio. Tape stains. Mattable.


Sir James John Trevor Lawrence


January 26, 1899

Science, Botany, Orchids

Near fine. Loose. Corner chip; mounting tape remanants on verso. Mattable.


Hugh Cecil Lea

"East St. Pancras"

October 23, 1907


Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


William Edward Hartpole Lecky

"The Eighteenth Century"

May 27, 1882


Fine. Loose. Mattable.


Arthur Hamilton Lee

"Our Army Critic"

January 23, 1907


Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


Cecil Legard

"A Judge"

July 11, 1901


Fine. Loose. Faint margin mark. Mattable.


Frederick Leighton

"A Sacrifice to the Graces"

June 29, 1872


Fine. Loose; Copy bio. Mattable.


Pope Leo XIII

"The Pope"

May 18, 1878


Fine. Loose. Mattable.


Leopold II, King of the Belgians

"Un Roi Contitutionnel"

October 9, 1869

Sovereigns, Royalty

Fine. Loose; Copy bio. Mattable.


Vicomte Ferdinand de Lesseps

"He Suppressed an Isthmus"

November 27, 1869

Engineering, Suez Canal

Fine. Loose. Mattable.


Lord Ronald Charles Sutherland Leveson-Gower

"A Sculptor"

August 18, 1877


Near fine. Loose. Dusty margins. Mattable.


Bishop of Lichfield


May 27, 1897


Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


Sir Coutts Lindsay, of Balcarres

"The Grosvenor Gallery"

February 3, 1883

Patron of the Arts

Fine. Loose; Bio. Edges trimmed. Mattable.


James Ludovic Lindsay, Lord Lindsay


May 11, 1878

Science, Astronomy

Fine. Loose. Mattable.


Franz Liszt

"The Abbé"

May 15, 1886


Fine. Loose. Mattable.


Frank Lockwood, QC


August 20, 1887


Good. Loose; Bio (adhered). dusty; Horizontal fold.


Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge

"Birmingham Univerity"

February 4, 1904

Science, Radio-Telegraphy

Fine. Loose. Mounting tape remnants on verso. Mattable.


Lord Londesborough

"a Whip"

October 19, 1878

Sport, Coaching

Fine. Loose. Mounting marks. Mattable.


Bishop of London

"One Who Has Grieved More Than Others Over 'The Sinfulness of Little Sins'"

November 12, 1870


Fine. Loose. Tiny edge chip; Edge-tears. Mattable.


Sir Charles Stewart Vane-Tempest-Stewart, Marquis of Londonderry

"The London School Board"

February 6, 1896

Politician; Viceroy of Ireland

Near fine. Loose; Copy bio. Matte mark; Tape stains. Mattable.


Constance Gladys Herbert Lowther, Countess of Lonsdale

"Gladys, Countess of Lonsdale"

October 6, 1883


Fine. Loose; Bio. Minor edge-dusting. Mattable.


Hugh Cecil Lowther, Lord Lonsdale


June 14, 1879

Sportsman, Editor

Fine. Loose. Mattable.


Robert Loraine

"The Flying Stage"

January 10, 1912

Performing Arts

Near fine. Loose; Bio. Minor wear top edge. Mattable.


John Douglas Sutherland Campbell, Marquis of Lorne & Duke of Argyll

"If Everywhere As Successful As In Love, a Great Destiny Awaits Him"

November 19, 1870

Politician, Governor General of Canada; Kilted Scotsman.

Fine. Loose; bio. (Image facing right). Mattable.


William Lowther


October 29, 1881


fine. Loose. Mattable.


George Charles Bingham, Earl of Lucan (Lord Lucan)


April 23, 1881

Military, Crimea

Finw. Loose. Mattable.


Lt.-Gen. Sir George Luck

"A Keeper of the Tower"

December 4, 1907


Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


Augustus Saville Lumley


January 3, 1874


Near fine. Loose; Bio. Margins dusty; Corners creased. Mattable.


Dr. H.S. Lunn

"The King of Clubs"

October 6, 1909

Sport, Curling

Fine. Loose; Copy bio; mounting marks on verso.


Edward Robert Bulwer-Lytton, Earl of Lytton

"The Vice-Empress"

March 18, 1876

Statesman, Author

Near fine. Loose; Copy bio. Mounting tape remnants on verso. Mattable.


Sir Charles Wright Macara

"A Leading Figure In the Cotton Industry, Life Boat Philanthropy, and International Peace"

March 13, 1912

Men of the Day; Philanthropist

Near fine. Loose; Bio. Very faint offset; Corner crease. Near-mattable.


John Cumming Macdona

"St. Bernards"

February 8, 1894

Politics, Statesman

Fine. Lose. Mattable.


Sir Claude Maxwell MacDonald


October 10, 1901

Statesman, Japan

Near fine. Loose; Bio. Minor matte-mark; Tape stains. Mattable.


Sir Alexander Campbell MacKenzie


January 14, 1904

Performing Arts

Near fine. Loose. Marginal tears. Near-mattable.


Marshal Marie Edmé Patrice Maurice MacMahon

"J'y suis j'y reste"

October 11, 1879

President of French Republic

Fine. Loose. Very faint offset border. Mattable.


Thomas James Macnamara

"The School Master"

October 9, 1907

Politics, Native of Canada

Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


Sir Philip Magnus

"Technical Education"

January 3, 1891

Men of the Day; Educator

Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


August Manns

"Crystal Palace"

June 13, 1895


Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


6th Duke of Marlborough

"A Conservative Religionist"

July 8, 1871

Aristocrat, (Churchill's grandfather)

Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


William M'Arthur

"The Lord Mayor"

October 8, 1881

Lord Mayor of London

Near fine. Loose; Bio. Edges trimmed; light foxing at top. Mattable.


J.H. Martin


June 5, 1907

Sports, Jockey, American.

Good. Loose. Wrinkled; corner chips; tape repairs on verso; light foxing, some dusting. Near-mattable.


Sir Theodore Martin

"The Royal Literary Assistant"

July 7, 1877

Literary; Author of Prince Consort's biography

Fine. Loose. Mattable.


Miguel Alfredo Martinez de Hoz

"An Argentine Sportsman"

November 13, 1910

Sport, Turf
Argentininan cattleman

Fine. Loose; Bio (adhered). Very faint matte marks; mounting tape remanants on rear. Mattable.


Pietro Mascagni

"Cavalleria Rusticana"

August 24, 1893

Performing Arts

Fine. Loose. Mattable.


Signor Pietro Mascagni

"The Intermezzo;"

April 17, 1912

Performing Arts

Fine. Loose; Bio. Margin trimmed, affecting name (as issued); margin tear touching background. Mattable.


Cyril Francis Maude


March 11, 1897

Performing Arts

Fine. Loose. Mattable.


Victor Maurel

"A Fine Baritone"

October 20, 1898

Performing Arts
Music; Opera

Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


Sir Thomas Erskine May

"Parliamentary Practice"

May 6, 1870


Very good. Loose. Margins soiled and worn. Mattable.


William McAuliffe

"Stonehenge, 1911"

December 13, 1911

Men of the Day

Fine. Matted; Bio.


Jean Louis Ernest Meissonier

"A Great French Painter"

May 1, 1880


Fine. Loose. Mattable.


Sir John Mellor

"Judges the Claimant"

May 24, 1873

Legal, Judge

Very good. Loose. Edge-wear with repaired tears; light marginal foxing. Near-mattable.


Menelik II, Emperor of Abyssinia


July 29, 1897


Fine. Matted; Bio.


Count Albert Mensdorff

"Austria in England"

December 21, 1905

Statesman; Austrian Minister Plenipotentiary

Near fine. Loose; Bio. Edge tears; age-toning, light foxing. Near-mattable.


Carl Meyer


March 17, 1909


Near fine. Loose; Bio (adhered). Light edge tears and creases. Mattable.


John Everett Millais

"A Converted Pre-Raphaelite"

May 13, 1871


Fine. Loose; Copy bio. Mattable


Sir Alexander Milne

"Admiral of the Fleet"

July 29, 1882

Military, Navy

Fine. Loose. Faint marginal dusting. Mattable.


Field-Marshall Count Helmuth von Moltke

"Modern Strategy"

August 23, 1884

Military; German

Fine. Loose. Top edge nicked. Mattable.


Lord Monk Bretton

"The Private Secretary"

October 27, 1909

Private Secretary to Joseph Chamberlain

Near fine. Loose; Bio (tip marks on verso). margin creased, edge tear, surface rumpled; mattable.


George Augustus Moore

"Esther Waters"

January 21, 1897

Literary, Novelist

Fine. Loose. Mattable.


Emperor of Morocco

"The Emperor of Morocco"

July 4, 1891

Sovereign; Royalty

Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


Carl Muck

"Wagnerian Opera"

July 27, 1899

Performing Arts, Music

Very good. Loose, bio. Edges dusty & worn; corner crease; image faintly wrinkled; pinhole. Near-mattable.


H.E. Musurus Bey

"The Most Interesting of All the Diplomatic Corps in London"

February 4, 1871

The Turkish Ambassador

Fine. Loose. Mattable.


Napoleon III

"Le Régime Parlementaire"

September 4, 1869

Sovereign, Roylaty

Fine. Loose; Copy bio. Mattable.


Nawab Nazim of Bengal, Behar and Orissa

"A Living Monument of English Injustice"

April 16, 1870

Head of State

Fine. Loose; Bio. Mattable.


Earl Nelson

"The Noblest of English Names"

April 16, 1881


Fine. Loose. Mattable.


Lady Dorothy Nevill

"Lady Dorothy Nevill"

November 6, 1912


Very good. Loose. Light edge-wear; Faint foxing overall. Near-mattable.


Charles Newdegate Newdegate

"A Jesuit in Disguise"

August 13, 1870


Fine. Loose. Mattable.


Sir Ford North

"Gentle Manners"

October 29, 1887

Red-robed Judge

Near fine. Matted; Bio. Faint offsetting.


Thomas George Baring, Earl of Northbrook
Purse, Pussey, Piety, and Prevaracation






Sir Stafford Henry Northcote

"He does his duty to his party, and is fortunate if it happens to be also his duty to his country"

October 8, 1870


Fine. Loose. Faint background smudges. Mattable.


Julian Orde

"A Popular Secretary"

March 22, 1911

Motoring, Secretary RAC

Fine. Loose; io (adhered). Short edge tear. Mattable.


Guy Owen

"Tea cum Rubber"

June 22, 1910


Fine. Loose; Bio (adhered). Mattable. (Horizontal image)


Bishop of Oxford see Samuel Wilberforce






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