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Good Kind Bookseller

by Susan Ravdin and Wilfrid de Freitas
(to the tune of Good King Wenceslas)

With apologies to
John Mason Neale
(and all traditionalists)

Good kind Bookseller looked up
Where his desktop hid him
There the books lay round about
Piled and opened near him
Brightly glowed his screen that night
Though midnight was looming
When his lady came in sight
Asked if he were coming

"Hither wife and stand by me
If thou know'st it, telling
Yonder volume what it be
How and what its titling?"
"Love, you're working way too late
In amongst those great tomes
Time it is to take a break
Sleep and rest your bones"

"Bring me toast and bring me sweet
Bring me coffee hither
Thou and I shall sit and eat
Then I'll wrap those thither"
Wife and husband down they sat
Down they sat together
Though the orders' not been packed
Nor their bags been tethered

"Dear, the morning's coming now
And these books need wrapping
Orders come, I know not how,
But I can sense it hap'ning"
"Write the labels, my good wife
Wrap the orders boldly
Thou shalt find the payment's size
Larger than I told thee."
With her husband she did work
All the books must get sent,
UPS at door did lurk
Waiting for the shipment
Therefore, collectors be sure
If books or prints desiring
Ye who now do order more
Shall them soon be admiring.

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