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Recollections of Oscar Wilde

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Red dot British Acts of Parliament :  Table of Contents
 Chronological Index
William and Mary - George I , George II , George III . George IV - Victoria
 Subject Lists
Social (Crime and Criminality), Commercial (Beer, Wine and Spirits, Fish and Fisheries, Wool, Cotton, Fibers and Fabrics) , Agricultural, Financial, Judiciary, Administrative, Transportation, Church, Military, Colonial and International, Scottish, Irish
 Tables and Abstracts

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White dot Churchill Image Gallery

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Red dot Folio Society Special and Limited Editions

Red dot Gilbert and Sullivan
 G & S Books, Libretti, Etc.
 G & S Programs
 G & S Ephemera
 Kenneth Sandford Archives
White dot G & S Image Gallery

Red dot Lewis Carroll
White dot Lewis Carroll Image Gallery

Red dot Tennis and Other Racket Sports
White dot Tennis Image Gallery

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History of Vanity Fair
Notes on the Condition of Prints
 Names (Alphabetical) - A to C , D to G , H to K , L to O , P to S , T to Z
 Less Expensive Prints - $10 , $15 , $20
White dot Main Vanity Fair Print Gallery
White dot Sports and Sporting Vanity Fair Print Gallery

Red dot Prints from Buck's Antiquities
The North
The Midland
East Anglia and the South East
The South West
Samuel and Nathaniel Buck

Red dot Sports and Games
 Winter Sports
 Rowing and Boating
 Fencing and Swordsmanship
White dot Sports and Games Image Gallery

Red dot First, Signed and Limited Editions
 General (Alphabetically by Author) - A to D , E to K , L to R , S to Z
 Ernest Bramah
 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlockiana
 Rudyard Kipling
 W. Somerset Maugham
 George Bernard Shaw
 Man Booker Prize Winners
 The Mosher Press
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Red dot Natural History and the Sciences
 Dinosaurs and Dinosauriana
 William Henry Hudson
 Tobacco and Smoking
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Act of Parliament

Mikado Cigarette Card

Alice in Wonderland Postage Stamp Case

Lord Baden Powell Vanity Fair

Racehorse Torpoint Vanity Fair

Cornell Rowing Programs

George Bernard Shaw Portrait

Barney's Version

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